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Invited juror for 88 national, regional and statewide exhibitions and competitions: 


    2023, Sole Juror, Collage Artist of America, Los Angeles, CA 

    2021, Sole Juror, Signature American Watermedia International Exhibition, Falbrook, CA

    2020, Member of Jury of Selection, 100th Anniversary National Watercolor Society, CA

    2018, Sole Juror, Watercolor West 50th Anniversary National Competition, Brea, CA

    2018, Co-Juror, The Wisconsin Biennial, Museum of Wisconsin Art, WI

    2017, Sole Juror, The San Diego Watercolor Society International Competition

    2017, Sole Juror, Coos Bay Art Museum Expressions West Competition (10 Western States)

    2016, Sole Juror, Florida Artist Group (FLAG), Fort Myers, FL

    2016, Sole Juror, Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Competition, Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO

    2014, Chair of Jury of Selection, National Watercolor Society International Competition

    2014, Sole Juror for the Abstraction Category, The Artist Magazine Open Competition

    2013, Sole Juror for the California Art League, Pasadena, CA

    2012, Sole Juror, International Society of Acrylic Painters, CA 

    2011, Sole Juror, California Watercolor Association, San Francisco, CA 

    2010, Sole Juror, Southwestern Watercolor Society National Competition, Dallas, TX

    2009 Both as Sole Juror, Woman Painters West, Los Angeles; 2009 Collage Society of America, Los Angeles; 

    2008 Sole Juror, Western Federation Exhibition (the states AZ, CA, CO, NM, NV, TX and UT).  

    2005 Sole Juror, International Watermedia XVI, University of Colorado Gallery    

    2004 Aqueous National Competition, Tubec, AZ, the 2004 Michigan Watercolor Society  Annual; the 2003 Louisiana National Watermedia Competition,             2002 Mid Atlantic Regional Open, 2001 Rocky Mountain Watermedia, the 2001 Virginia Watercolor Society Annual.

    Collage / Assemblage / USA, Ventura College Galleries, CA,

    2001, 2002; served as the Chairman of Jury of Selection for the 80th National Watercolor Society Open National Exhibit, 2000, Sole Juror for the                           2000 Charlotte County All Media National Biennial, FL, Jury of Selection for the Taos Exhibition of American Watercolor, 2000. 

    1999 The Adirondacks National, NY, the sole juror for the Annual Exhibit of Watercolor Ohio, the Watercolor Society of Oregon, and the Collage Artists of         America’s First National Competition.

    1998 Western Federation Annual Regional, the Kansas 7 States Competition and the South Carolina Watercolor Annual

    1997: Texas, Georgia, and Oklahoma National Watermedia Annual Competitions, the Watercolor West, the Midwest Watercolor Society and the Alabama         Watercolor National Exhibits. Texas Visual Arts, ‘95, Triton Museum Open, CA ‘94, Northern National All Media, Nicolet College, WI, ‘94, San Diego                       Watermedia International, ‘93, Chairman of Jury for National Watercolor Society,’ Co-juror for Rocky Mountain National.        

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