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BIBLIOGRAPHY: (Reviews and Featured Articles)

          112 Magazine and Newspaper Articles

            Dave Mason, Westmont displays abstract works, Santa Barbara News-Press, 2021


            Kit Boise-Cossart, Toward a 21st Century Abstraction,, LUM ART MAG, 2021


            Gerald Carpenter, Westmont Exhibition Looks at Current State of Abstraction,, 2021   

           Charles Donelan, Abstraction Moves Forward in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Independent, 2021


           Mat Gleason, Paintbrush Integrity - The Recent Art of Katherine Chang Liu, Los Angeles, 2020


           Anne Hevener, Burning Question, Artist Magazine, June 2020


            Christopher Schink, Dominance and Contrast, The New Palette, Issue 72, 2020


            Peter Frank, Towards A 21st-Century Abstraction, Essay, Los Angeles, 2018


            Palimpsest at Coos Art Museum, Coast Central Weekly, May, 2017


            Coos Art Museum Annonces Winners, Expressions West 2017, Katherine Chang Liu, Juror, 2017


            Christopher Schink, What’s Wrong with Black, The New Palette, Issue 61, April, 2017


Emily   Dodi, I WANT THE WIDE AMERICAN EARTH - AN ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN STORY, July 11, 2016, Art and Culture, VC Reporter


            Christopher Schink and Skip Lawrence, The Palette Magazine 20th Anniversary Issue, 2016


            Nicole D’Amore, Smithsonian Exhibit Includes Work by Westlake Village Artist, Ventura County  

                             Star Newspaper, August 3, 2016


            Cape Gazette, Two Artists to Debut at Anita Peghini-Raber Gallery, Rehoboth Beach, DE, 2015


            Laurent Benoist, Katherine Chang Liu La Voie de l’Abstraction, L’Art de L’Aquarelle, France2015


            Judith Fairly, Arts and Sciences, Acrylic Artist Magazine, Fall, 2014


            Christopher Schink, From Collage to Paint, The Palette Magazine, January 2014


            Judith Fairly, Arts and Sciences – Katherine Chang Liu, The Artist Magazine, November 2013


            Art Scene, Ventura Breeze, July 10- July 23, 2013


            John Salminen, Watercolor’s Wide Reach,  Watercolor Artist, October, 2013


            Jiang Yue, China Art Weekly, The Third International Invitational Watermedia Masters Biennial, October 13, 2012


            Cheng-Khee Chee, L'Art de l'Aquarelle, L’aquarelle s’expose a Nanjing, December 2012,


            Huffington Post, ‘Text & Texture' At Fresh Paint Art Advisors, Nov. 11, 2011


            Matthew Daub, Juried Shows: From the Inside Out, Professional Artist Magazine, 1st Issue, 2011


            Thinking & Painting: Katherine Liu, the Palette Magazine, March-April, 2011


            Learning to See, Watercolor Artist, October, 2010


            Courtney Jordan, Make Every Brushstroke Powerful, Artist Daily, August 5, 2010


            Ann Abbott, A Brush with Destiny, Watercolor Artist, February, 2010


            Christopher Schink, Collage: Raising the Surface, The Palette Magazine, June-July, 2009


            Darlene Mellein, Interview with Katherine Chang Liu, Valley Institute of Visual Art, CA 2008


            Chang HouXing, Between International Contemporary Watermedia Masters, China

                        Art Weekly, November 10, 2007


            Christopher Schink, Getting It, the Palette Magazine, September-October, 2007


            Peter Frank, Addition/Reduction, Art Pick, Los Angeles Weekly, January 10, 2007


            Jennifer Becknell, Harriet Goode, Looking back on a half century of creative expression,

                        The Herald, Rock Hill, SC, September 24, 2007

            M. Stephen Doherty,  20 Great Watercolor Teachers Offer Their Best Recommendations,

                        Collector’s Edition, Best of the Past and Present, American Artist Watercolor, Fall 2006


            Beth Derringer-Keith, Artist’s Sketchbook, Artist’s Magazine Specials, 2006


            27 Artists, Painting Secrets of the Masters, Then and Now, Master Piece Magazine, November, 2005


            Christopher Willard, Redrawing and Sgraffito, Acrylic Highlights, 2004


            Laurence Bufflier, Aux Frontieres du Visible, Le Progress, Le Journal de  Lyon et du Rhone,

                        October 2, 2003


            Tom Collins, Miniature artworks provide intimate look at artists, Albuquerque Reporter,

                        December 1, 2003


            Ryon Harms, Painting the Layers of Katherine Chang Liu, Los Angeles daily News,

                        Today Magazine, April edition, 2003


            Greg Schaber, Choosing Wisely, Watercolor Magic, May 2003


            Michael Paglia, Looking Good - Beauty is in the eye of many beholders at the Foothills Art center,

                        Westword, Denver, May 1, 2002


            Mary Chandler, “Beauty” in the eye of the curators, Rocky Mountain News, CO, April 11, 2002


            Mia Tykkylainen, The possibility of a slower paced life, the art of Katherine Chang Liu at Galerie AMA,

                         Turan Sanomat, Finland, July 12, 2001


            Emilia Siltavuori, Intressant Och Spannande Medium, Abo Underrattelser, Sweden, July 21, 2001


            Reaching for excellence, Beth Patterson, Watercolor, Winter 2001       


            Design, Christopher Schink, Watermedia Focus Workbook, Winter, 2001


            Greg Schaber, The Journey into Art, Artist’s Sketchbook, December, 2001


            Mark St. John Erickson, Watercolor Revolutionaries, Daily Press, Richmond, VA, Sept. 9, 2001


            Michael Paglia Common Misconceptions, Westword, CO, Sept. 20, 2001       


            Mary Voelz Chandler, A Show More Light than Heat, Rocky Mountain News, August 24, 2001


            Jeffrey Bruce, Museum Talks and Thoughts, Hampton University, Hampton University Press,

                        Winter, 2000


            Willo Doe, The Art of Katherine Chang Liu, Rosaline Koener Gallery,

                        Exhibition Catalogue Essay, NY, 2000


            Peter Frank, Katherine Chang Liu, New Paintings with Collage/ New Collage with Paint,

                        Catalogue Essay, Los Angeles, 2000


            Phaedra Greenwood, Abstracts Dominaste This Years’ Watercolor Exhibit, Taos News, 7/20/2000


            M. Stephen Doherty, Colorado Markings, Watercolor, Spring, 2000


            Gordon L. Fuglie, (Laband Art Gallery, Loyala Marymount Univ.)

                        On Your Mark: When Drawing Becomes Painting, Catalogue Essay,

                        Golden West College Fine Arts Gallery, CA, 1999


            Greg Schaber and Michelle Taute, Elevate Your Art, The Artist’s Magazine, January 2000


            Collette Chattopadhyay, Crosscurrents: International Exchange Show at LA Artcore, Review, 1999


            Skip Lawrence and Christopher Schink, Words and Numbers, Water Media Focus, Issue 18, 1999


            Ruth Lopez, Biochemistry on Panel for Katherine Chang Liu, Pasatiempo,

                        The Santa Fe New Mexican, March 5, 1999   


            Kim Lamb Gregory, Room of Their Own, Time Out, Thousand Oaks Star, CA, Sept. 24, 1999


            Linda S. Price, Entering Juried Exhibitions, American Artist, Oct., 1999


            Peter Frank, Art Picks of the Week, Recommended Gallery Shows, LA Weekly, Oct 16-22. 1998


            Jeremy Rosenberg, Gail Harvey Gallery Times Description, Los Angeles Times


            William MacNeil, Crossing Cultures Provide Impetus for Art Show,

                        The Santa Fe New Mexican, May 1, 1998


            WAM Views, Wichita Art Museum Newsletter, May/June, 1998


            Raquel Escamilla, Crossing Cultures, Santa Fean, May, 1998


            Richard Tobin, Critical Reflections, THE Magazine, June 1998


            C. L. Wysuph, Katherine Chang Liu, Exhibition Catalogue 1997


            Christopher Willard, Experimenting With Acrylics, Am. Artist, September, 1998   


            Rob Erdle, State of the Art 1997, East/West, Catalogue Essay, 1997


            Christopher Schink, Interview, Watermedia Focus, Issue 8, 1997


            Trinkett Clark, Curator of 20th Century Art, The Chrysler Museum, Resonant Visions,

                        Catalogue Essay, February, 1996


            Ian Findlay, Katherine Chang Liu and Julia Nee Chu at the Hong Kong

                        University of Science and Technology, Asian Art News, May, ‘96


            Peter Frank, Arts Picks Of the Week, Joe & John Gallery, LA Weekly, August 30, ‘96       


            John Simmons, Work of 5 True Artists Forms Vibrant Exhibit, Springfield News Leader,

                        Springfield, MO, May 18, 1996   


            Reena Jana, Katherine Chang Liu at J. J. Brookings Gallery, Asian Art News, March/April, 1996   


            Christopher Schink, Black, Watermedia Focus, Issue 4, 1996


            Bonnie Iris, A Positive View of Negatives, Watercolor, Summer, 1996


            Marge Bulmer, Showcase : Katherine Liu, Visions, June, 1995                


            Bonnie Iris and Stanley Marcus, Art Masters, American Artist Publications, 1996


            Peter Frank, Katherine Chang Liu : Neo-Modernist Abstraction, Catalogue Essay,

                        Los Angeles, September, 1994


            Ann Hunter Greene, A Show of Art, Galleries, Chicago, May, 1994


            Reena Jana, The Artist’s Voice, Seven West Coast Artists : Their Work and Ideas,

                        Asian Art News, Hong Kong, September, 1994


            M. Stephen Doherty, Wayne Thiebaud Selects, American Artist, October, 1994


            D. Au, Life, Universe and Everything Else, Hong Kong Standard, November 8, 1994    


            J. S. M. Willette,The Two That Are Not One, Velardi and Liu, Bakersfield Museum of Art


            Marty Munson, Expanding your Watercolor Wisdom, The Artist’s Magazine, July, 1994


            Alice Brown-Wagner, ‘Watercolor Now’ at Salt Lake Art Center, The Salt Lake Tribune,

                        November 28, 1993


            Colleen Cason, Gallery Review, Ventura Star Free Press, November 5, 1993


            Katherine Liu at Louis Newman, Art Scene, October, 1993


            J. S. M. Willette, Review - Liu and Velardi at LA Artcore, Visions,

                        The Los Angeles Art Quarterly, June, 1993


            William Hemmerdinger, Profile - Katherine Liu, Visions, The Los Angeles Art Quarterly, Fall, 1992    


            James Auer, Six Painters Show, Milwaukee Journal, August 25, 1992


            Artistas Chineses Da California, Galeria de Exposicoes, Macau, 1992


            M. J. Van Deventer, Katherine Liu, Art Gallery International, January 1991      



            Nigel Cameron, Geography Takes a Hand in Shaping Diverse Art Styles,

                        South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, March 28, 1991


            M. Stephen Doherty, Recent Images, Recent Concerns, Watercolor 1990, Billboard Publications, 1990   


            Daniel Grant, Is a Watercolor a Drawing? Daniel Grant, Watercolor 1988, Billboard Publications


            Julia Ayers, Paper, the Critical Support, Watercolor 1987,


            The Daily Mail, Monotypes at GCCA, Arts Season, Catskill, NY, January 4, 1986


            Janice Lavoos, The California School of Watercolor, American Artist, 1987


            Mary Carroll Nelson, An Exploratory Approach to Watercolor, Watercolor 1986,

                        Billboard Publications, 1986


            Carol Dickinson, Among Traditional Paintings, Up Spring the Unusual, The Denver Post, 8.17.86         


            Crown Magazine, August 1984, Taipei, Taiwan


            Editorial Coverage: Katherine Chang Liu, 1984 The Chinese Pen, Featured Artist, Taiwan, 1983


            Ann Weinstein, Four With Paper, Art Voices, March, 1980


            Carol Dickinson, Dynamic Experiments in Watermedia, The Denver Post, August 1978



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