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Select Essays and Reviews:

Charles Donelan: Video Interview

Art critic and executive arts editor of the Santa Barbara Independent.

Mat Gleason

Paintbrush Integrity - The Recent Art of Katherine Chang Liu

Peter Frank

Towards A 21st-Century Abstraction


Laurence Bufflier

The PossIbiIity of a Siower Paced Life


Trinkett Clark

Resonant Visions


Judith Fairly

Art & Sciences


Peter Frank

New Paintings With Collage New Collage With Paint


Mia Tykkylainen

The PossIbiIity of a Siower Paced Life


J. S. M. Willette

The Two That Are Not One

Painting and Counterpoint in the art of Ernest Velardi and Katherine Chang Liu


C. L. Wysuph

Katherine Chang Liu



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